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Oliver Tanner combines traditional techniques with emerging technologies to produce a selection of art and bespoke design. Utilising methods of casting thousands of years old with CAD technology and digital fabrication to realise a wide variety of projects from the Sydney studio.


Principle artist and designer Oliver Tanner was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. His parent’s interest in creative pursuits, his father’s architectural practice, as well as a fortunate friendship with artist Bronwyn Oliver set him on a path towards creative pursuits at an early age.


First taught by artist and friend Bronwyn Oliver to operate a blowtorch and work copper at 15, Tanner was selected for the Art Express touring exhibition, leading him to pursue an education in the arts; first at the College of Fine Arts and then the National Art School in Sydney, Australia.


After graduation, Tanner continued his fine arts education, completing studies at the New York Studio School as well as being accepted into a residency at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing. Following his studies, Tanner pursued work in both Sydney, Australia and Berlin, Germany – most notably winning a large commission for a piece that is currently displayed in Bei Wu Sculpture Park in Berlin.


Tanner’s work is currently in public and private collections in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia. His primary studio is in Sydney, Australia.


Widely exhibited and collected in Australia and abroad, Oliver Tanner’s work is characterised by fluid forms, organic shapes and

tactile textures.

More Artworks

CAD Design


Working with a suite of programs we can produce computerised plans for product design, architectural modelling and digital rendering from which concepts can be displayed and physical objects built

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Design and Manufacturing


Do you have a project you don’t know how to realise? From Bronze sculptures to hanging tree houses, chandeliers to wedding rings, we can help you bring your idea from concept to reality. 

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Custom and unique fit out and signage solutions have become a signature of our practice. From Cast bronze, welded steel, formed plastics and more, we can provide bespoke, creative solutions that match the character of your space.

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Digital Fabrication


With in house cnc milling, laser cutting, 3D printing and plasma services there are few concepts that cannot by digitally realised and physically made.

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