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We are artisans who specialise in building unique, custom objects. With a history of building Fine and Public Art, we now also help interior designers, architects and private customers to refine and realise their ideas.

From initial concepts, to planning and engineering, fabrication and creation to installing a finishing object, we are a full service design firm for unique, bespoke items




Metal | Timber | Acrylic 


Metal Shop - TIG | MIG | Oxy Acetylene | Metal Ban Saw | CNC Plasma | Grinders and Polishers

Timber Shop - Table Saw | Jointer | Thicknesser | Sanders | Drop Saw


We have a fully stocked timber and metal workshop with the ability to create and finish nearly all types of projects.

3D Printing


Plastics | Metals | Wax


With two in-house 3D printers, and access to large industrial machines, 3D printing allows the physical creation of digital designs from small to large scale work. 



Sand Casting | Lost Wax Casting


We have ongoing relationships with a number of ferrous and non ferrous foundries that work in sand and lost wax casting. We handle each step of the process from the production of patterns, to the moulding of complex forms for art casting. Organising the bronze pour and finishing the metal surface.

CNC Routing


Timber | Foam


Our own machine has a bed size of 2400 x 1200 x 150 for simple machining operations and we have access to larger industrial gantries in nearby workshops for intensive jobs.

Laser | Plasma Cutting


Steel | Timber | Acrylic 


We have a small CO2 laser in the workshop and access to a top of the line fibre laser gantry, we can cut through and engrave almost any material with incredible accuracy and detail.

CAD Design


3D modelling | Rendering | Conceptualisation


With a range of software we can work with clients from idea through to a finished digital file that can be used to create a physical form.


Software - Solidworks | Rhinoceros 3D | Grasshopper | Adobe Suite | Sketch up

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